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10 Most UNEXPECTED Blowouts in NFL history

10 nfl blowouts

What were some of the other most unexpected blowouts in NFL history?

Any other Sports lists you want us to do? Let us know in the comment section and we will credit you in the video if your idea is picked.

Some days, we NFL fans wake up and get pumped for a big game to take place. You watch it with your friends and anticipate a game for the ages….

Then the game happens and it turns out to be a one-sided affair. The game everyone was excited for becomes a major blowout. Nobody is shocked whenever the Patriots crush the Browns or Jaguars, but some blowouts have left us incredibly shocked!

I’m DeQwan Young, and today we present the 10 most UNEXPECTED blowouts in NFL history. And a big shoutout to Kade Hesterman for suggesting this video!

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