SFA MUMBAI 2016|Basketball|Girls U-11|R1|Vibgyor High Sch(Malad)’A’ vs Goshala Marg Mum Public Sch

With its inception in 2015, Sports For All Mumbai opened up a stage for the dreams of all young budding athletes that revolutionized sports for the younger generation with state-of-the-art facilities and impeccable management. The energy of this endeavour is directed towards systematically unifying and identifying the fragments of raw talent at grass root level sports that go unappreciated and undeveloped. The main vision is to provide a professional grass root sporting system that will help children showcase their talent, identify their potential, seep in the right knowledge and guidance which in all will provide opportunities to take their sporting prowess to the next level.

An integral part of SFA’s system is the website The inclusive website, aimed to digitize grass roots sports in India, keeps a tab on all the activities of the event and maintains an up to date record of every participant and school by hosting unique school and student profile pages. Each student is given a unique SFA ID so that they can keep a tab on their performance. Every sporting profile of these athletes has a statistics section that keeps a record of every match a particular athlete has played along the complete match videos of all the games that child has played. This opens a whole new world of opportunities for the young champs as their match records, statistics and entire match videos year on year are now accessible by several stakeholders like talent scouts and sporting associations at the click of a button.

All match videos compare to professional match footage, and are to be uploaded onto our online portal: Our website is the base for about 28,500 student profiles with individual statistics and videos for each. These videos enable athletes to not only view and analyze their own game but also their competitors’ gameplay.

Sport For All orchestrated multi-sporting competitions – SFA Mumbai 2015 and SFA Mumbai 2016, have left an enduring mark on inter-school sport in Mumbai! Our Olympic-style tournaments are part of every school’s sporting agenda, and our match videos are just one of the reasons why!

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