Best Basketball Moves To Get Past Defenders: Zach LaVine Makes Defender Fall

Here’s one of the best basketball moves to get past defenders.


I call this move The Load Up Move and basically the reason I call it that is because you’re basically loading up all your weight onto one leg and pushing off as hard as you can.

The footwork can be a little tricky and by practicing it first with a skip is a great way to finally get it down. And like I said in the video this is one of the best basketball moves to get past defenders but it doesn’t only have to be for that.

You can use this when you’re surveying the court, off of a screen, or really anytime you need to get a boost of speed.

And yes, this is basically the move that Zack LaVine used when he maid a player fall in the Seattle ProAm. He used it and then stopped on a dime with a 1-2 step to get into his pull up jumper.

So anyways, that’s it for today’s video I hope you found it helpful.


Augie Johnston

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