Basketball Drills with D-Cone (3 in 1 Defender) and Ball Hog Gloves

Coach Koran Godwin introduces the D-Cone 3 in 1 Defender.
The Ball Hog Gloves D-Cone is a revolutionary basketball training aid that acts as both a cone and long arm defender. Whether you want to work on dribble moves, contact on the way to the basket, or shooting with a hand in the face, the D-Cone will help take your game to the next level. The D-Cone is perfect for players and coaches who are looking to maximize their workouts.

*Basketball Training Cone for Ball Handling
*Padded for Game-Like Contact Situations
*Long Arm Defender for Shooting Drills
***Do not aim for the head or face during contact drills.

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1 Comment

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