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My best basketball skill is my ability to shoot the ball. I’m what many would call “a pure shooter.” But behind that label were hours and hours of hard work at perfecting my craft. It’s not so much the skill, but the will to keep working.
In this process of continually working and striving to get better I picked up on more subtle cues at how to create an efficient, smoother shot. These little cues – the micro movements within the movement – make all the difference.
The simple cue in this video to help you sink more shots covers one of the most essential and overlooked components of shooting a basketball: locking your elbow. Not just half-heartedly extending it in a sluggish fashion when you shoot but fully locking it until you feel the the joint “snap” into extension. It takes commitment to shoot the ball this way but this will create a smoothness and softness to your shot that will allow you to exercise distance control from wherever you are on the court. Be it 10 ft or 25 ft by performing this cue with commitment you will make more shots. It makes your arm work in a more mechanically in which all of the energy is transferred in a flowing fashion.
Shooting a basketball at a high level and building yourself as a “shooter” takes focus and dedication to the details like the one I’ve covered today.
Let me know how this moBILLity Basketball Tip helped today and stay tuned for more shooting videos coming soon. Feel free to like, subscribe, comment, and connect below.

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